Tuesday, May 17, 2011

broader horizons


ive been slacking on the updates for awhile due to an extremely busy schedule. With my show i was preparing for and everyday work, shoots dad life etc. i had alot on my plate. its been a week since my show... i made some really good contacts and i am grateful for those who purchased prints. its extremely flattering to have someone hang my photos in their home, office or gallery. i dont stick on one thing for too long so im happy we have finally moved past the redlight project. i am going to table the series for now and i may reintroduce it in the future.

it feels like my schedule is still as busy and im thank full for that. i regret to say that my biggest downfall is im never satisfied. i always want more. it can be both good and bad. i have a crazy work ethic & try and stay as busy as possible. theres plans on frequenting Los Angeles and the surrounding states to expand the House Of Hundreds name and lots of big things in the pipeline. you can be sure whatever we do it WILL be that A1.

thanks to everyone who continues to support and ride with HOH.

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