Tuesday, February 24, 2009


whats good world?!

I had the chance to work with Famous of the Fresh Kidz this past saturday. So Cairo hits me up (Famous' manager) and tells me they have a location to shoot at. I head down there and meet up with the guys and it turned out we had to hit a fence to get to the location.....Now your boy hasnt hit a fence since like 7th grade. lol. i was a little rusty. i ended up scuffing the Supras and slicing my hand open. funny i know.

the spot was dope tho and we got some really great shots. I appreciated the fact that Famous was a down to earth guy and wasnt hesitant to cut loose. it always brings so much more to a shoot and it definetly shows in the images. shout out to City and Cairo for coming thru and keeping the atmosphere hilarious. thanks Alan for filming the session too. footage of the shoot is coming soon.

if you want to check out more of the Fresh Kidz log on to www.myspace.com/freshkidzproductions




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