Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You for 2008

We're literally at the end of the year and i wanna thank everybody thats helped me thus far. Like i said i didnt really think i'd be getting into photography a year ago but here i am. People even laughed when they first saw me walking around with my camera. This has turned into the biggest passion in my life.

first and foremost Karyme. ( Karla Va Va Voom )
thank you for having my back from the start. modeling for me when nobody else did. thanks for getting me started. good lookin on assisting my shoots too! I love you ma.

ASHLEY BOO. thanks boo thang!

AMY PALESTINO. thanks pimpin.

LIZZIE. thanks for standing out the desert in 106 degree heat!

ONA. i know you felt naked out there but the shots were fire! shout out to manny

ROXY WAGONER. thanks for comin thru. and last minute at that. the shot wouldnt have been the same without you.

UNCLE MANNY & CRAZY MIKE. thanks for lettin me use the spots manny

ANESIA COPE. "you a gangsta!" lol. shout out to Gabriel

BIG JOE & LIL JOE. thanks for the shoot and especially the food!

WEL-BE. your on your way pimp. your my brother. and i appreciate you givin me the chance and trusting me with the work we do together

NASTY. again, your my brother. thanks for bringing gage to that shoot and thanks for assisting those few times

D BOY. it was about time we shot some photos of you

NESHA aka PRISSY. shots came out dope. and thanks for stayin cool when shit popped off. lol.

RICKELLE DAILASZAE. thanks for the shoot. hair & make up took mad long but it all payed off.

SEDREW PRICE. thanks for trusting me with your album pimp. stay on the grind i definetly see you on top one day soon.

"Z". thanks for all the love and also trusting me with Drews projects. we're killin em in 2009!

TRAYO. 'wutt up baby pa?!" thanks for workin with me. good lookin on that CD too. it was in my deck for like 4 days straight. lol. your up next! Z and me are gonna come up with something dope for the album.

TIGGER. thanks for all the love and the hookups at the club.

JAZZ RENAE. it was cold! but you still came thru and the outcome was a great shoot.

JUANITA KEE. thanks for the shoot. you made it easy

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